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House frames

Who doesn’t dream of their own home where they can enjoy themselves in any season?

Building with wood provides you with a natural heat insulation, comfortable surface temperature and dry architecture. Wood, being a raw material that grows naturally, makes an optimal construction material. The porous nature of wood allows a distinct heat and acoustic insulation. As far as room ambience, compared to concrete or brick, wood is unbeatable. Due to the low heat conduction of wood and the advantages of a fascia façade, wood constructions provides you with an environment that is warm in winter and cool in summer. Apart from a comfortable warm feel and the pleasant smell, wood has the ability to absorb moisture from the air and release it during the dry season.

All our wood houses are manufactured following the drywall construction method, which is a type of construction in which the interior wall is applied in a dry condition without the use of mortar. Therefore, there will be no drying periods after the application and you will be able to move into your new home immediately.

Wooden walls are thinner than brick walls. Therefore, you will have more living space without additional costs.


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